Election 2016: U.S. House - Virginia 10th District


Barbara Comstock
Republican, Incumbent
  LuAnn Bennett
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Education: B.A., Middlebury College, 1982; J.D., Georgetown University, 1986   Education: B.S., Eastern Illinois University, 1975
Political Experience: Congresswoman, United States House of Representatives Virginia District 10, (2015-Present); Virginia House of Delegates (2009-2014)   Political Experience: None


Where They Stand

"We have moved in the direction of more innovation, but still should be open to more 21st century ways of learning -- continuing education online, virtual classrooms, allowing technology to expand educational opportunities. We can work with the education establishment to be more open and welcoming of change. We should experiment more with charter schools, particularly for at risk students in failing schools and have a strong continuing education program to constantly upgrade our workforce." (Read more)
“We need to invest in order to provide a quality education for every child, make college more affordable and provide opportunities for retraining adults in the workforce to provide new opportunities and new career paths as the economy changes."  (Read more)

“Pro-offshore drilling and oil exploration.” 
“I agree and that is why Virginia has adopted an "all of the above" energy development strategy that if allowed to move forward could make Virginia the energy capital of the East Coast. Virginia can create jobs and help the country attain energy independence by expanding our renewable and alternative energy industries, oil and natural gas, biofuels, wind, conservation and efficiency plans. We have passed numerous bills to promote this plan.” (Read more)
“We need a Congresswoman who believes in climate change and will fight to protect clean air, clean water and our environment.” (Read more)
“One who believes in science and is committed to protecting our natural environment for our children and grandchildren.” (Read more)
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“The House of Representatives passed the 21st Century Cures Act, which Congresswoman Comstock has strongly advocated and worked for as well as cosponsored. This legislation puts our country on a path toward working on earlier detection, better treatment, and faster cures for chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and more.” (Read more)
“Obamacare is a "trainwreck" to quote one of its Senate patrons. The President himself has now suspended some implementation of his signature bill and the exchanges. Virginia should continue to press for healthcare reforms for our businesses and citizens and press Washington for more Virginia control of how we do that and do in a way that provides better actual healthcare for our citizens, without stiffling economic recovery, as this bill has done to date.” (Read more)
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“Congresswoman Comstock has fought for and supported smart policies that would keep America safe through reforming the refugee program and the visa waiver program and measures to protect our borders.” (Read more)
“In Congress, I look forward to supporting comprehensive immigration reform. Let's end the insulting & hostile rhetoric.” (Read more)
“We need Congress to move forward and for the House to vote on bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform.” (Read more)
“Congresswoman Comstock cosponsored the bipartisan five-year transportation bill that was signed into law and provides for more funding for infrastructure without raising taxes and has provisions written by the Congresswoman focusing on relieving traffic congestion and using technology for better traffic solutions. This legislation also includes reforms demanding more accountability and transparency from Metro.”  (Read more)
“I am for transporation and infrastructure upgrades.” (Read more)
“As a small businesswoman, Comstock understands the harmful impact that higher taxes and regulation have on job growth.” (Read more)
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“Congresswoman Comstock supported the $600 billion tax relief package that was signed into law which helps middle class families and makes the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the American Opportunity Tax Credit permanent. This important bill also makes the Research and Development Tax Credit permanent, which will help fuel the technology, defense and healthcare jobs of the 21st Century that helps our region grow.” (Read more)
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“As I travel around the district, I hear from businesses small, medium, and large that they need free trade to sell their products globally, keep their employees employed, and expand job opportunities.  Like Congressman Frank Wolf, who supported free trade agreement after trade agreement throughout his three decades of service to Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, I believe trade is essential in our 21st century economy.” (Read more)
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