Top Federal Issues

2015 Outline for Prosperity

​ Sustained economic growth is the single most important factor leading to the prosperity and well being of Americans and our great nation. This growth, which is essential to reducing federal deficits, is more likely to occur in a tax and regulatory environment that encourages job creation and with effective participation in the global marketplace through fair and open trade.


Taxes and Regulation
​Uncertainty in federal tax policy and overly aggressive regulation by federal agencies inhibit the flow of investment and subsequent innovation, restricting economic expansion. To support U.S. competitiveness and job growth, the United States needs to:

  • Enact tax provisions that spur private sector innovation and development, and that encourage the formation of new businesses large and small 
  • Eliminate the double federal taxation on investments and inheritance
  • Maintain provisions in U.S. tax law that enable U.S.-based companies to remain competitive globally
  • Ensure regulations reflect a cost-benefit perspective and avoid arbitrary, punitive or discriminatory actions
  • Establish a modern and coherent financial services federal regulatory structure
  • Promote workplace regulations that allow companies to move quickly to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Strengthen the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in the United States and abroad

Trade and the Global Economy
Prudent and timely policies promoting fair and open trade abroad are fundamental building blocks for innovation, expansion and job creation in all industry sectors. To that end, an expanded trade agenda is critical to achieving prosperity. The United States needs to:

  • Open foreign markets by passing pending trade agreements, creating additional trade and investment accords and continuing presidential trade negotiating authority
  • Combat economic nationalism by building international alliances and make the case for fair and competitive markets worldwide
  • Provide tools and training to promote exports by small- and medium-sized businesses, particularly in the agriculture industry
  • Modernize export controls to protect U.S. innovations
  • Enforce existing trade and compliance rules


Domestic Policy
In addition to the above strategies, the United States also needs to support the following policies, regulations and judicial actions at the appropriate federal and state levels to encourage U.S. success and enhance the nation’s competitiveness in the global marketplace:

Talent and the Workplace

  • Strengthen educational standards and hold schools accountable
  • Foster programs to recruit highly qualified teachers and that reward high performers for their achievements
  • Provide assistance to schools striving to meet higher standards
  • Support the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics networks
  • Promote effective workforce training and programs that prepare students for professional careers
  • Improve U.S. visa and quota allowances and enact immigration reform to attract and keep talented workers
  • Protect the right of employees to cast private ballots and preserve freedom of speech protections in the workplace


  • ​​Telecommunications
    • Promote private investment and technology creation in next generation networks
    • Ensure broadband deployment to all Americans
  • Transportation
    • Reauthorize federal highway, Federal Aviation Administration and water resources programs
    • Embrace a multimodal and intermodal vision that increases capacity, reduces congestion and decreases vulnerability to terrorism​
  • Energy
    • Strengthen energy transmission and infrastructure systems
    • Promote development of all American energy sources, including oil, gas, coal and renewable, while maintaining and preserving natural resources
    • Encourage innovation and the private creation of renewable fuel sources and industries
    • Restore U.S. companies’ leadership in developing and exporting energy technology

Legal Reform

  • Implement a commonsense approach to legal reform
  • Provide clear standards for liability and justice for all parties

Health Care and Retirement Security

  • Make changes, as necessary, to the health care laws passed by Congress in 2010 to decrease its cost and unintended consequences while increasing health care effectiveness
  • Ensure implementation of health care laws is transparent and does not become a burden for employees and employers
  • Strengthen the private retirement system and transform government-sponsored programs to guarantee their continued solvency

Support of the issues described above in the form of regulations and judicial actions at the appropriate federal and state levels would ensure future economic growth for all Americans.



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