Virginia’s Top Issues for Prosperity

Blueprint Virginia is a comprehensive initiative to provide business leadership, direction and long-range economic development planning for Virginia.  The process in creating Blueprint Virginia engaged business and community leaders from around the Commonwealth through grassroots involvment to determine top priorities for strenghtening Virginia's economic competitiveness.  

To read the Blueprint Virginia executive summary, click here:  Blueprint VA

Competitiveness:  Create and Maintain a Competitive Business Environment in Virginia.

Our mission is to make Virginia the BEST state for business where private-sector employers want to start, stay and grow.

Other states and nations are aggressively working to lure away our industries, our research and technology efforts, and our college graduates.  The creation of jobs and wealth through expansions of existing companies and the attraction of new business activity are vitally important to Virginia’s competitiveness.

Virginia is located within one of the most competitive geographical regions in the world.  Virginia must have an aggressive economic development program that works to cooperate through a partnership between the public sector and business community.

Education: Grow and Retain a Healthy, Educated, Skilled Workforce that Will Expand Virginia’s Economy

To remain competitive, Virginia’s workforce must be prepared to meet the rapidly changing demands of the 21st Century global workplace. A quality education and life-long learning is critical to the success of our students, communities, businesses, and job growth.One of the most important factors that a company will review when looking to relocate or to start is the quality and quantity of an educated, quality workforce.  Virginia needs to be the leader in developing and retaining a skilled and trained workforce.  That requires:
  • High performing K-12 across the Commonwealth
  • Quality, affordable higher education
  • Focus on increasing the number of degrees in math and science
  • Retention of students who are educated in Virginia, to stay and work in Virginia
Health Care:   Advance Affordable Healthcare for All Virginians and Promote a Healthy and Productive Workforce.

In order to maintain a competitive business environment and a high quality of life, Virginia must work toward a sustainable and accessible health care system. Reining in rising health care costs and ensuring a healthy workforce are critical to our business community.

A healthy workforce is critical to Virginia’s economy and job creation. The rising costs and uncertainty surrounding health care is one of the top concerns for any business.  While most working Virginians receive health insurance at work, we need policies that encourage affordable health care for employees and employers.  While improving quality and access to affordable health care, Virginia must continue to concentrate on managing costs through prevention and wellness programs.  A healthy and active workforce will insure that Virginia is one of the best places in the country to live and work.

Transportation:  Invest in a 21st Century Transportation Plan to Improve the Commonwealth’s Aging Transportation Infrastructure

A viable transportation system is critical to Virginia’s economic growth and prosperity.  The Commonwealth’s competitiveness relies on a viable transportation system that moves our people and delivers our goods on the ground, in the air and through our ports.  One of the most important investments we can make is in our transportation system.  Unless we make a serious financial commitment, our transportation infrastructure will continue to deteriorate; threatening our safety, our mobility and our competitiveness.

The Commonwealth must address our transportation needs on a statewide basis.  The statewide economy and regional economics are best served by a transportation system that is cohesive, integrated and interconnected.  By improving transportation and relieving congestion, struggling areas of the state are able to flow to where jobs and growth are; thus, creating a much larger network for employees and goods.

Taxes:  Keep Virginia’s Taxes Low

Virginia taxes need to be competitive with other states in order to attract and retain jobs. High taxes discourage businesses from creating jobs and increase the cost of recruiting high-value employees. Virginia should promote tax policies that encourage investment and job creation.



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